SPRING  2017

This is the 41st edition of the Bear Hollow Village Homeowner’s Association Newsletter brought to you by your Board of Trustees.   This Newsletter will provide you with an update on things happening in our community and other information.


There is a revision to the Vehicle Rules & Regulations Policy that pertains to Cove Canyon Drive.  The language of the Policy revision is as follows:

  • There is no parking permitted at any time on either side of Bear Cub Drive or the EAST side of Cove Canyon Drive that is in Bear Hollow Village.


Signs have been posted advising of the new regulation.   The entire Policy can be viewed on our website www.bhvhoa.com – community information link.


There is a revision to the Clubhouse Policy that establishes rules and guidelines for the use of the Business Center, Computers and Printer in the Clubhouse.  The language of the Policy revision is as follows:


46.  All persons using the Clubhouse Business Center / computers are expected to be courteous
To others and limit their computer use time to approximately 20 minutes when others are waiting to use the computers.
47.  No downloading of any programs onto Clubhouse computers; no game playing; no viewing of offensive or pornographic materials.
48.  No Clubhouse computers or peripheral equipment (keyboards, mouse, printers, monitors)
can be tampered with in any way or removed from the premises; no attaching any other items to
the computers; no changing of any computer settings; do not turn off computers or printers.
49.  Computer located at front entry desk to Clubhouse is for manager and staff use only.
50.  Printing of materials from Clubhouse computers using the attached printer is limited
to a maximum of 20 pages.
Signs have been posted in the Business Center advising users of the above guidelines.  The entire Policy can be viewed on our website www.bhvhoa.com – Clubhouse link.



The Association remains in excellent financial condition.  We have the following funds on deposit with Chase Bank (as of 4/19/17)…

                  Reserve Funds                                          $ 353,770.79
                  Emergency Funds                                     $   50,299.01
                  Checking Account                                    $   89,500.87

                                           TOTAL                        $     493,570.67



Please be reminded that the Association has established a new LOCKBOX with Chase Bank to receive all dues payments.  If you have not already done so, please change the address to which you send your payments to:

DEPT. #880151
P.O. BOX 29650
PHOENIX, AZ 85038-9650

Please make sure you use the address exactly as noted above.  Thanks !!



We think winter is over and it is time to think Spring!  That means we need to turn ON the irrigation sprinkler system and get it up and running.  All Owners that have a sprinkler system control valve inside their home have received a Notice directly from the HOA asking them to turn on the sprinkler valve inside their home by
May 8, 2017.   Your cooperation is appreciated.


The Pool will be open for the season on May 19, 2017.  (Yes, the pool is heated!)

We are planning to resurface the entire concrete area around the pool with the non slip / cool deck type product we used to resurface the area around the hot tub.  The work is scheduled to be completed before the pool is opened so there should be no inconvenience (as long as the weather cooperates!)

We are also planning to build a new patio area in the upper portion of the Village Green, directly outside the Clubhouse pool fenced in area and near the pond.  The area is intended to serve as an alternate sunbathing area, we will place lounge chairs on the new patio for your comfort and usage.  The new patio area will also contain a fire pit and a built in stone wall type seating area halfway around the fire pit.  We are also planning to install an electronic card reader on the fire pit turn on switch; you must scan a valid Clubhouse access card to turn on the fire pit.   Construction will begin shortly.  We will provide more information and guidelines when the area is completed and available for use.


Your Trustees continue to receive complaints about dogs running off leash and pet waste not being picked up.
Dogs are a welcome and vibrant part of any community, ours is no exception.   We love dogs and they are not the problem.  IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners are the problem.  The Summit County Animal Control Ordinance and the HOA Pet’s Policy require all dogs to be on leash when outside and pet waste must be picked up immediately. 

The Trustees have been in contact with the Summit County Animal Control Officers to discuss the problems and ask for their assistance, which they have pledged to provide and be in the community more frequently.  While the HOA will issue a warning for a documented first offense, the Animal Control Officers will not and will issue a summons to anyone they observe in violation of the County Ordinance.  Fines can be severe and will escalate when a repeat violator is encountered.

The Trustees have sent out Warning Notices to residents of the community observed by the Trustees or another Owner who has provided documentation of an observed violation.  A second offense by any of these residents
Will also result in fines imposed against the property Owner.   We have noted that many of the complaints we have received involve dogs belonging to long term renters.  Owners who are renting their property are asked to make sure their tenants are aware of the County Ordinance and the HOA Rules, both are posted on the HOA website www.bhvhoa.com

The Trustees will be meeting with the Sheriff and the County Animal Control Officers in the near future to discuss the situation and appropriate actions moving forward.  All Owners and residents are asked to please obey the Ordinance and the Rules.

We have also ordered 4 new mutt mitt stations that will be added to the community in locations where a mutt mitt station will hopefully be used.  When installed, there will be 18 mutt mitt stations available for use.



You pay for trash removal services as part of your property taxes paid to Summit County.  Recently, the County implemented a “trash collection surcharge” on all properties of $36.00, billed to you by Republic Services on behalf of the County.  A recent article in the Park Record newspaper indicated that many County residents have not yet paid this bill and the County is considering cancellation of trash collection services from any property that has not paid this surcharge.  Owners are reminded that if they have not yet sent in their payment for this bill they should do so promptly to avoid problems with trash collection.  ( The HOA does not control trash collection services in the community).

  •  place Trash ONLY in the trash container provider, and place RECYCLE materials in only the recycle container provider.  Mixing = no pick up.
  •  only place your trash in your container, not in a neighbor’s container.
  • The recycle bins at the Mail Kiosk are for recycled mail only – please do not bring trash to the kiosk and put it in the recycle containers.
  • Place your address on your trash and recycle containers to help them to get back to your property.



All Owners are reminded they are responsible for the maintenance of the exterior of their property to acceptable standards.  Please take a few minutes to inspect the exterior of your property, especially wood deck and stairway areas, for maintenance concerns and have them addressed.

Several properties have experienced ice/snow related damage to their roof / gutter / downspout areas.  If you do not have HEAT TAPE on your roof edges and gutters / downspouts you should consider having it installed.

The Trustees regularly inspect the community and notify Owners when an Unsightliness violation is apparent.  Please be pro-active and keep your property well maintained.



Please enjoy our amazing community and its amenities.  Spring and Summer seasons are here and the outdoors are calling!     Your HOA Board of Trustees !    

GREG                  DAVID                    JODY                 HOWIE                SUSAN