SUMMER  2017

This is the 42nd edition of the Bear Hollow Village Homeowner’s Association Newsletter brought to you by your Board of Trustees.  
This Newsletter will provide you with an update on things happening in our community and other information.


Two new additions to our Vehicle Rules & Regulations were added to our Policy which is posted in its entirety
on our website.  The new additions read as follows………………

Vehicles, or any attachments, additions, extensions to the parked vehicle, parked in Lodges at Bear Hollow parking spaces adjacent to Lillehammer Lane cannot extend beyond the Lodges parking space area and create a hazard to traffic on Lillehammer Lane.  Oversized vehicles that do not fit into the Lodges areaparking space and extend into Lillehammer Lane, or anything from the parked vehicle extending into Lillehammer Lane creating a hazard to traffic or a safety concern will result in the vehicle being towed away at the vehicle owners expense.

Vehicles, or any attachments, additions, extensions to the parked vehicle, parked in an owners private driveway in Bear Hollow Village cannot extend beyond the driveway parking space area and create a hazard to traffic on any private roadway in Bear Hollow Village.  Oversized vehicles that do not fit into the owners drivewayparking space area and extend into the private roadway area, or anything from the parked vehicle extending into the private roadway area creating a hazard to traffic or a safety concern will result in the vehicle being towed away at the vehicle owners expense. 

All Owners are asked to please review and adhere to all our Vehicle Rules & Regulations as posted on our website .


All Townhouse Owners are reminded that they must have their unit properly insured; the HOA
provides no insurance coverage for any area of a townhouse property, unit or building.  There is no
Common Area in a townhouse building; everything is someone’s private property and Owners need to have their property properly covered with insurance.  Please check with your insurance provider that you have either a Homeowners Form HO-3 or HO-5 policy for your townhouse.


Our project to create a new patio / lounging area outside the Clubhouse gated pool area is complete.
The patio also includes a fire pit area with a stone seating ledge.  New furniture has also been placed
on the patio.  The patio area turned out to be larger than originally intended, but the finished area
has turned out excellent and we have received all positive feedback on its functionality and usage.
Here are some photos…….



We also added a safety feature where a person wanting to use the fire pit must first scan their Clubhouse access card on the scanner placed on the outside of the Clubhouse wall near the fire pit to activate the fire pit ignition.

Card scanners were also added to each of the built in barbecue grills in the Village Green, again requiring a person wanting to use the grill to first scan their Clubhouse access card to activate the grill ignition.



We have been very busy upgrading and enhancing the Clubhouse amenities and support mechanisms.
Here is a summary of things accomplished this year…………

  • The entire camera system was replaced with a new HD CCTV camera system.  Cameras now cover all public areas of the Clubhouse, including the new patio area, fire pit and the barbecue grill patio areas in the Village Green.  The pool area  camera has panoramic and zoom in capabilities.
  • The new card scanners installed on the fire pit and the barbecue grills were linked in to the computer system in the Clubhouse and the Clubhouse door.
  • The computer system was replaced with a new desk computer with enhanced hard drive and software

capabilities needed to run the new camera and card reader systems.

  • The concrete surface area around the entire perimeter area of the pool was refinished with a new cool deck, non slip surface material, same as around the hot tub (which was refinished last year).
  • We purchased and added two Adirondack chairs/side table made from old ski’s to the Great Room area.



  • The air conditioner compressor servicing the exercise room and bathroom areas died and was replaced.
  • A 3 tier rack to accommodate the free weight dumbbells in the exercise area was added.
  • 2 New floor mat rugs with our Bear Hollow Village logo were added to the entry doorways.
  • One of the large windows in the exercise room broke its seal and was replaced.


  • A bike rack was added to the outside entry area.  The rack was donated by Greg and Kimberley Watkins

(thanks guys!)


  • The pool will close for the season on Monday September 25.  The hot tub remains open all year

(weather permitting).


The Association remains in excellent financial condition.  We have the following funds on deposit with Chase Bank (as of 8/31/17)…

Reserve Funds                                          $ 353,918.58
Emergency Funds                                     $   50,320.03
Checking Account                                    $     9,742.59

                                                  TOTAL                 $     413,981.20


We are winding down from a very hot and very dry summer season.  Some lawn areas in the community fared better than others.   We have been trying to balance the need for watering / irrigation with water use restrictions
placed on us by Summit Water.  All lawn areas have been fertilized and treated for weed growth and shrubs and trees have been trimmed as per Owner requests.   Owners are reminded that maintaining the landscape in the community is a shared responsibility between Owners and the HOA.

We will be shutting down the irrigation system on or about October 2.  All Owners that have an irrigation system control valve inside their home will receive a Notice from the HOA requesting their assistance in shutting down the system – this is just a first reminder.


Your Trustees remind everyone that we are a mountain community and we share our space with the wildlife.
There have been recent sightings of a mountain lion near (but not in) Bear Hollow Village and we have had bear and moose sightings in the past.  We are partnering with the Wild Aware Utah wildlife awareness and safety program in a collaborative effort to provide proactive education to minimize conflict between people and wildlife.  We are linking our website with their website so free wildlife safety tips are available to you in a proactive effort to prevent any issues / conflicts from arising.   Please visit



Trash and recycling pickup services are provided by Summit County thru their contracted services provider
Republic Services.  Services are paid for as part of your property taxes paid to the County.  Summit County
has enacted a surcharge fee for this service and all property owners are being billed the annual fee of $36.00
by Republic Services.  Please note that bills sent in early 2017 were for the 2016 fee.  New 2017 bills were
mailed to Owners in July 2017.  Make sure you pay the bill or the County has stated they will suspend trash and recycling pickup services for any property where the fee is unpaid.  Direct any questions you have to Republic Services at 801-972-4234.


Please be reminded that the Association has established a new LOCKBOX with Chase Bank to receive all dues payments.  If you have not already done so, please change the address to which you send your payments to:

DEPT. #880151
P.O. BOX 29650
PHOENIX, AZ 85038-9650

Please make sure you use the address exactly as noted above.  Thanks !!



All Owners are reminded they are responsible for the maintenance of the exterior of their property to acceptable standards.  Please take a few minutes to inspect the exterior of your property, especially wood deck and stairway areas, for maintenance concerns and have them addressed.

Several properties have experienced ice/snow related damage to their roof / gutter / downspout areas in the past.  If you do not have HEAT TAPE on your roof edges and gutters / downspouts you should consider having it installed.

The Trustees regularly inspect the community and notify Owners when an Unsightliness violation is apparent.  Please be pro-active and keep your property well maintained.




All homes have a fire suppression sprinkler system inside their property.  Systems need to have regular
inspections and maintenance as necessary to ensure they are operating correctly and safely.  If you have not had your fire sprinkler system checked in the past year it would be a good idea to schedule one before the cold of winter sets in.

Some companies that have done inspections in Bear Hollow in the past are…………



Owners should feel free to use any certified contractor they are comfortable with, but do not let this lapse,
for your safety and for the safety of the community.



The Annual Meeting will be held on Monday night December 11, 2017 in the Clubhouse.  This is just a
preliminary reminder, all Owners will receive a Notice of the Annual Meeting and related documents in early November.

The Annual Meeting will include the election of Trustees.  We have implemented new Trustee Election Guidelines to manage the election process.  Any Owner wanting to seek election to the Board of Trustees
should follow the guidelines included with this Newsletter.




Please enjoy our amazing community and its amenities.  Winter season is approaching and the mountain slopes are calling!     Your HOA Board of Trustees !    

                  GREG                  DAVID                    JODY                 HOWIE                SUSAN
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