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The 2015 Annual Meeting of the Bear Hollow Village Homeowner’s Association was convened on December 14th, 2015 at 7:00PM, MST in the community Clubhouse, Park City, Utah.

The following  23 Owners (30 votes) were present:

Tim Bauer                                 Ron Bryce                                         Howard Butt
Marian Bressel/Laura Jumani   John & Kathryn Charles (5 votes)    Cathy Davis
David Goldberg                        Gail Hartigan                                                Craig Hellmers
Jennifer Israel                           Eric Iverson                                       Scott Law
Joseph & Monique Lodrick      Tim Nemeckay                                  Ed Palmer (4 votes)
Mark Puckett                            Donnie Pugatch                                Ryan Stevenson
Jim Sumner                               Greg Watkins                                    Doug & Steffanie Wagner
David & Linda Wehrman         Benny & Becky Yih


The Board of Trustees, either as individuals or as a Board, held proxies from the following
 43 Owners ( 47 votes):

Joseph & Kelly Allegretti       Mike Axelrood                                   Ronald Baddock
Jeff & Holly Beal                    Mark Bigatel                                      Dean & Kathy Breda
David & Bridget Brodstein    David & Julie Carner                         Charlene & Anthony Carter
Gregg & Dawn Faulconer       Luis Franco                                        David & Rosemarie Frankel
Randal & Camalyn Gaines     Marshal & Jennifer Givens                Wendy & Chuck Grosvenor
Robert & Marilyn Henderson  GreggAnn Herrern                             Fred & Harriet Kelner
Joseph & Beverly Kimmel      Krzysztof Kowal /Wen Liu               David Kruszenski
Paula & Mike Lack                 Steve LaFredo                                   Robert & Elaine Larson
Jack Lopez                              Richard McConnell                            James & Shelley Middleton
Steve Mullins                          Craig Norton                                      Steve & Penny Noufer
Jennifer O’Connor                  Kirsteen Pickering/Walter Rosevear  Laura & Ervins Ramanis
Keith Riddiford                      Brad Rieders                                      Philip Rubin/Lynn Regester
Randal Rupert (5 votes)          Jonathan Schwartz                             James Sevier
Susan Stark/Frank Chessa       AmyJo Thompson                              Barbara Winkler
Mei Xiao                                  


The meeting did not achieve a quorum with a total of 77 votes represented.

(Note: 139 votes were needed for a quorum.  When a meeting does not achieve a quorum, in accordance with the Association By-Laws and the community CCR’s, the Annual Budget is deemed to be approved as presented by the Board of Trustees.  No other official business can be conducted; the meeting needs to be re-convened at another date for the purpose of acting on other official business matters.  The only other matter of official business to be addressed would be the election of Trustees.  (More info at end of Minutes). **

Howard Butt, President of our HOA, opened the meeting, welcomed all in attendance and thanked the Owners for coming together as a community for the meeting.  All Owners present introduced themselves.  While the meeting did not achieve a quorum, as noted above, a discussion on community matters with the Owners in attendance was still appropriate.  He mentioned that we would conduct the meeting in accordance with the Agenda and any / all Owner concerns expressed at the Meeting would be addressed.

Howie advised that in 2015 to date we have welcomed  30 new Owners into the community.  Owners represent 26 States and the countries of Australia, Canada, Mexico and Hong Kong.
He noted that most properties sold in very short time and for at or above their asking prices, reflecting positively on the value of our properties and the strong, continuing desirability that Bear Hollow Village has as a place to call home.

Jody gave a financial report on the Association finances, as follows:  

We started the year 2015 with a combined balance of $ 339,550.39  in our banking accounts.

As of 12/7/2015 we have the following funds on deposit in accounts with the
JP Morgan Chase Bank, Kimball Junction Branch…


CHECKING ACCOUNT (operating capital)              $                    46,757.13

MONEY MARKET RESERVE ACCOUNT               $                296,373.59

MONEY MARKET EMERGENCY FUND                $                   50,236.43

TOTAL HOA FUNDS ON DEPOSIT                         $    393,367.15

ALL HOA bills are paid by check in accordance with the Check Disbursement Procedures in place - (all disbursements by check are co-approved by Jody & Howie)
ALL HOA bills are current and paid in full to date.     The HOA has NO debt.


ALL funds are fully accounted for and the HOA remains in excellent financial condition.


Howie added that at this time there are NO Owners with their dues account in Delinquent status.
(Note:  the HOA is exploring dues payment options with Chase Bank that may be available for implementation in 2016).
Greg, the Clubhouse Manager, gave a report on the Clubhouse, summarized as follows:

      -    the concrete/stucco exterior wall areas were refinished, along with the columns having the
           slate replaced with real stone – the contractors did an excellent job

  • The HOA purchased 20 folding chairs and a utility cart to hold them – they are embroidered with “Bear Hollow Village” on the seat backs and available for use at any Clubhouse function.
  • As a safety feature we are planning to install some type of railing system near the hot tub

      as you transition from the pool to hot tub – it is a wet/slippery area

  • We are planning to install automatic door closing devices on all Clubhouse exterior doors
  • Parking for Clubhouse Use Only signs are in place for 5 spaces in front of the Clubhouse on Lillehammer Lane; violators are being issued warnings at this time.
  • During a pool inspection by Summit County, the Inspector advised that there must be a 5 foot clear walkway around the entire perimeter of the pool.  This impacts the east side of the pool and the line of chaise lounge chairs normally placed there ( they do not create a 5 foot clearance).  We might have to replace the lounge chairs with Adirondack style chairs on that side of the pool.
  • We are planning to have the exterior of the Clubhouse re-painted in 2016.  The interior walls are still in very good condition.


Howie added that the Clubhouse appearance and upkeep has been excellent and he commended Greg and Doug for a continuing fine job. 

An Owner commented he appreciated the efforts of the Trustees to keep the Clubhouse and pool areas under control as best possible, and asked if it would be possible to limit access to the pool to full time Owners only.  Howie replied that according to the information provided to the HOA, there are currently 85 full time Owner residents in the community.  The balance of Owners
(187) use their property as either a second home or a rental property.  Therefore, this would probably not work well.

An Owner asked if the Club Room area of the Clubhouse could be used for exercise classes;
This would be OK but someone would need to organize the classes and coordinate with Greg on scheduling them, probably in the early morning hours weekdays.

An Owner asked if the Pergola structure in the pool area could have a cover placed over it to create a shaded area – the Trustees will evaluate this along with any reconfiguration of seating around the pool that is necessary as per the County pool inspection.

An Owner asked if signs placing time limits on use of the exercise equipment could be posted in the fitness room.  A discussion on the subject with the Owners present suggested that since people use the equipment in accordance with their individual fitness routines this was not a
viable option – people are encouraged to be reasonable and considerate in their use of the equipment.

An Owner suggested that as a safety feature we have a Defibrillator device installed in the pool area.  There are several easy to use devices available and this is a good idea – the Trustees will purchase and install the device as soon as possible.

Howie made a presentation on the status of the Association reserve accounts / study.

The State of Utah enacted laws in 2011 that require all HOA’s to have a reserve study conducted and to have separate reserve savings accounts.  The purpose of a reserve study is to identify future repair or replacement costs an HOA will incur and then to implement a systematic savings plan to address those future costs.

Our HOA conducted a reserve study in 2006 and we have been saving diligently since then for the costs of repairs or replacement of our infrastructure when that time comes.  We are saving funds to address the future costs of repairs to the Clubhouse ( roof replacement – furnace – painting –etc.), repaving our private roadways, and other infrastructure repair or replacement    
(retaining walls – Bobsled bridge – etc.).

We also budget funds annually for repairs as necessary for our Clubhouse and infrastructure.
Doing repairs when they are needed has helped substantially in preserving and extending the normal life span of our infrastructure, but eventually things will need replacement.  We will be ready when that time comes.

Our reserve study and our savings plan remains sound and as noted in the Treasurer’s Report we have substantial funds already in reserve.  We contribute $36,000.00 annually to our reserves.

Our Emergency Fund was established to deal with any unforeseen circumstances or situation we might encounter in the future.  It is fully funded at the $50,000.00 level (plus interest that accrues) and these funds would also be available to supplement the reserve account funds if necessary.

An Owner asked if there was a “maximum” amount for our reserves and do we need to contribute each year to reserves.  Howie replied reserves should be looked at as “the more the better”.  Also, there are banking and mortgage requirements that HOA’s need to be aware of and adhering to (any Owner looking to refinance their current mortgage or any potential new Owner
would need to have the HOA certify we contribute annually to a reserve fund as part of the loan qualification process).

David made a presentation on the changes made to Vehicle Rules & Parking Rules in 2015…..

  • The area on Lillehammer Lane from Bobsled Blvd to the Clubhouse is identified as the Village Square.  Parking in the 61 spaces surrounding the Office Building, the Clubhouse and the live/work townhouses facing Lillehammer is limited to Office Building tenants and invitees, persons using the Clubhouse and the residents of the live /work townhouses.
  • Vehicle parking is not permitted at any time on the South side of Luge Lane as marked
  • Vehicle parking is not permitted at any time on the west side of Luge Lane as marked
  • Vehicle parking is not permitted at any time on either side of Upper Luge Lane as marked
  • No vehicle can park blocking a fire hydrant or by any red painted curb area.
  • No commercial or other vehicle registered for greater than ½ ton vehicle weight can be parked overnight (10PM to 6AM) on the private property roads in Bear Hollow Village
  • No parking permitted in the turnabout road area off Bobsled Blvd. by the mail kiosk;

pick up and drop off short term parking only.
Howie suggested that all Owners read the entire Vehicle Rules & Registration Policy mailed to them in 2015 and posted on the HOA website

An Owner asked if the HOA would replace some of the No Parking signs with larger signs.
Howie replied we will review signage and replace as necessary, some newer no parking signs added to the community have been a larger size.

Howie made a presentation on the status of construction activity in the community, activity on our borders and projects completed during 2015 by the HOA and projects planned for 2016 …..

  •  Construction of the Ridge Condominium Building off Luge Lane is complete and all 26 condo units are sold. 
  • Hamlet Homes completed construction of 2 single family homes off Luge Lane and they are also sold and occupied.
  • Construction of a home on estate lot F off Bobsled Blvd. has started- this is the last home to be built in the community.
  • The Park City School District selected another location for the construction of the proposed new school building, the 5 acre parcel of land they own off Bobsled Blvd. will not be used for  school construction at this time.  The District has announced no other plans for this parcel of land at this time.  The Trustees will continue to monitor any developments and report to the community as necessary.
  • Rocky Mtn. Power will be expanding their power station currently located to the west of Bear Hollow Village.  The Summit County Planning Dept. notified all Owners within required distance of the project of a public hearing on the project and the ability of any Owners to voice any concerns, etc.  ( No Owners attended the meeting or raised any concerns).  On behalf of the community in general Howie had contact with the County Planning Dept. regarding the project; the County made minor modifications to the power company plans (requiring them to use non- reflective materials in certain areas and requiring wooden poles (instead of steel ones) so they blended into the land appearance better.   The new expansion is west of the existing power station ( further away from us)

and there are no specific issues we should be aware of or concerned about in the project.

  • The Upper Luge Lane roadway was repaired as needed from construction related damages, sealcoated and widened.  Expenses were shared between Hamlet Homes, the Ridge Condo developer and the HOA as appropriate.
  • The Bear Hollow Park mini soccer field area and the artificial surface golf putting green areas were completed and placed into service.  The basketball backboard and post was also replaced with a new steel pole and metal backboard (unbreakable – hopefully !).
  • Special bollards were placed at each end of the Millennium Trail that runs between Kodiak and Polar Ways to prevent vehicle traffic on the trail.  The bollards are removable by the fire department if necessary in an emergency.
  • A new patio table was purchased and placed on the second patio area in the Village Green.
  • A water filtration and circulation system was installed in the pond near the Bobsled Blvd. entry corridor.  It will help keep the pond water algae free and clearer in appearance.  We also opened up the landscape area around the pond to provide a better view of the pond.
  • In 2016 we are planning to further enhance the landscape around the Bobsled entry pond with new flowers and shrubs to be planted.
  • In 2016 we are planning to run a gas line to the barbecue patio’s in the Village Green and install permanent barbecue grills on each patio area ( eliminating propane bottles)

A discussion on landscape services was opened.   The HOA provides lawn maintenance, fertilization, weed control and general shrub maintenance services to all common areas and owners private property landscaped areas.  Landscape services are a shared responsibility between the HOA and individual Owners.  New mulch was added to many areas of the community as deemed necessary – more mulching will be done in 2016. 

An Owner asked about algae buildup in the pond near the Clubhouse.  Howie replied we have added algae treatment to the pond to address the issue and keeping the water moving is important also.  The pond does receive regular cleaning, we will schedule a cleaning as soon as possible.  There were no other questions or concerns expressed by the Owners present.

A discussion on snow removal services was opened.    The Snow Removal and Landscape Services contract with Red Barn was renewed for another year with no price increase.  They have been doing a very good job keeping the roads, sidewalks and driveways cleared.  The Trustees closely monitor snow removal services.  There were no snow removal questions or concerns expressed by the Owners present.


Mice / Voles Community Wide Problems – Exterminator update.

The Mice/Voles community wide problem appears to be under control.  The HOA contracted a licensed exterminator and 100 bait boxes were installed in the common areas on the outer perimeter of the community in efforts to control the pest problem.   Activity in the bait boxes is very slight and Voles activity has diminished substantially.   We have switched to quarterly monitoring and will evaluate in the Spring if we need to continue the service.

2016 Budget.

As mentioned, since a quorum was not achieved at the meeting, the budget is approved as presented by the Trustees, in accordance with the CCR’s.  There were no questions on the 2016 budget or 2015 expenditures from the owners present. 
Howie commented this is the 6th year in a row that there has been no dues increase.

Grounds and Safety Committee

Howie opened a discussion on community safety and presented statistical data on crime in Summit County in general and issues related to Bear Hollow Village specifically.  We are by no means a high crime area, but all residents should take safety precautions like locking cars while parked outside, keeping garage doors closed to  avoid “crimes of convenience” that can occur.  A few weeks ago there was a car vandalized while parked in a driveway on Cross Country Way; Howie advised that 2 separate Owners had reported what they thought was a “suspicious car” in the community prior to the event.  The Sheriff was notified of the information.

It was suggested that Owners consider banding together in a “Grounds and Safety Committee” with the purpose of keeping a watchful eye on each area / street in the community and reporting things like; street lights not working, doors or windows left opened, safety concerns or persons/vehicles that are unfamiliar to a neighborhood.  Owners wanting to get involved should contact Howie directly for more information  .


Election of Trustees

There were 3 Trustee positions open for elections.  Howie placed the names of current Trustees
David Goldberg, Joseph Lodrick and himself in nomination for re-election; seconded by Greg Watkins.  There were no other nominations made by any Owners present.

Howie read an email from an Owner who asked that the topic of Trustee elections be discussed at the Annual Meeting.  The Owner suggested that information on candidates seeking election as a Trustee be sent to all Owners along with the annual meeting documents for review prior to proxy voting.  Each candidate could send a brief introduction/background about himself/herself and why he/she would like to be a Trustee, etc.

Howie also read his reply email sent to the Owner wherein he advised that Owners were asked in the HOA Summer Newsletter, and many Owners were asked in person throughout the year, to serve their community as a Trustee or otherwise.  While the Newsletter was sent to every Owner, there was no response from anyone.   He commented that the current Trustees are willing to serve another term in office in what is generally a thankless job, but nonetheless one that he believes is deeply appreciated by the overwhelming majority of the community/Owners.

Several Owners present expressed their appreciation to the Trustees for their service and said they are generally well known to the community and doing a fine job.   

** As noted, the meeting did not achieve a quorum and the election of Trustees could not be held.  The Annual Meeting will be re-convened on Monday December 28, 2015 at 6:00PM MST in the Clubhouse for the purpose of holding the election for vacant Trustee positions.

NOTICE that the Annual Meeting was being re-convened on December 28, 2015 will be posted in the Clubhouse for 10 days prior to the meeting date.  There were no objections from the Owners present.  All Owners were advised of this plan with their Annual Meeting information packet previously mailed to them.

With no other matters to discuss, Owner Gail Hartigan made a Motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Owner Jennifer Israel.  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:15 PM



The 2015 Annual Meeting was re-convened on Monday December 28, 2015 at 6:00PM in the Clubhouse.  Trustee Greg Watkins opened and presided over the meeting.  The following Owners were also present:

Charlene & Tony Carter                     Doug Wagner              Dave & Linda Wehrman


The following Owners also submitted proxies for the re-convened meeting:

Christian Peyrin                      Chris & Rich Saskiewicz

All proxies previously submitted for the regularly scheduled Annual Meeting were also valid for the re-convened meeting and 43 Owners (47 votes) were also present accordingly.  The meeting constituted a quorum.

(Note: at a re-convened Meeting, what ever the number of members/votes present is constitutes a quorum, in accordance with the CCR’s and By-Laws).

Greg reminded the Owners present that the names of current Trustees Howard Butt, David Goldberg and Joseph Lodrick were in nomination for re-election to two year terms of office; there were no other nominations offered.

As the result, Howard, David and Joseph were re-elected for 2 year terms of office unanimously.

It was noted that Trustees Greg Watkins and Susan Worthington will be in year 2 of their elected terms of office for 2016.
With no other business to conduct Owner Dave Wehrman made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Greg.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:10PM

Your Board of Trustees would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to the  Owners for their continued support and wish all a safe and healthy 2016 and a Happy New Year !



     Greg                    Susan                      David                         Jody                      Howie
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